Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Romantic Willimantic Chocolate Festival

Just a reminder to everyone that WAC is on the "Downtown Stroll" as part of the Romantic Willimantic Chocolate Festival, 11-3 on Saturday. C'mon down!

Tom Salter graciously placed some artwork in the front galleries to provide atmosphere.

There will be food for sampling from the University Club (the golf course), and perhaps vegan samples, and perhaps another food vendor.

Donnelly/Colt will be vending Fair Trade Chocolate and chocolate baskets (this makes Valentine's Day shopping a breeze!) and other goods.

I'll bring a chocolate fondue pot, with some fruit and cookies for dipping. I'll also be staffing a table with Romantic Willimantic T Shirts for sale. They are a reprint of the 1980's shirt that was well beloved.

Those are all the confirmed people, so far.

The butterfly making project won't happen this time, but Amy, Bette and other members have expressed a desire to do more "community" art, so I'm sure we'll do more in the near future, and perhaps work together with the Temple on the butterfly project.

Feel free to come up with a creative interactive activity for Saturday if the spirit moves you. About 4-500 people wander thru the stores, looking for food and fun.

Or if someone else would like to sell, there is still room on the first floor. Let me know, just so we don't overbook. Jean 456-2188,

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