Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update: WindhamARTS

Dear Members, Things are happening fast, we're working on getting communications out, and opening communication between members. Click "comments" below this post to add your thoughts, questions, ideas, etcetera.

Here’s what we know right now:

• we’re alive!! and will continue to serve the local arts community as a state-designated tier one Local Arts Agency

• all debts are paid, and rent will be paid through February, at least!

• WAIM wants us to stay in the building, and we want to stay! We are seeing a great deal of support for keeping our presence downtown, both inside our organization and in the community

• many have expressed a strong feeling that the newly renovated performance space upstairs should continue to be supported

• we are transitioning back to a volunteer-run organization, the original WAC format.

• members: this is OUR organization, and our chance to shape it. The board is there to support us in doing so, and there are openings for board members. • members and friends have stepped forward to take on the work, but there is a lot to do. The more the merrier! Contact us through

• come to meetings upstairs at WindhamArts every Wednesday night at 6pm, through February, as we figure out what’s next for us. These meetings are open to all of us, so bring your ideas, energy, and enthusiasm! We’ll do our best to finish by 7:30.

• while we are above water financially, we are looking into creative solutions to keep our expenses down and/or covered – there is talk about renting the storefront to Swiftwaters Artisan Coop or artists, for instance

• we have studio space available for rent!

• more updates to come ~

- written by members Amy Kalisher, Jean de Smet, your friendly member communication liaison team!