Thursday, February 25, 2010

Report: This Wednesday's Meeting

Another four-parter, check out item #3 for breaking news:

1. Board co-chair Kim Radda and I (Amy Kalisher) reported on our meeting with John Cusano: 
The good news: we are on track to receive LAA funding from the state for the upcoming fiscal year. Hard work ahead to be in shape to reapply the following year, with passionate support from those who fund us. More on this in the previous post. (See item 2. Transition Planning.)

2. Kim reported on her meeting with Greg Lewis and Alta Lash of the CEDF: 
Potential good news: We should receive a response from them within a month's time regarding an outstanding grant application for $20,000. This would not be money to be used for operating expenses, but for advising, mentoring and assistance with organizational planning, grant writing, marketing and fund-raising, as well as web site overhaul.

3. Discussion about space: where we'll be after February 28th:
BREAKING NEWS: Camp Horizons has withdrawn from negotiations with WAIM about renting the 866 Main Street space, deciding that the modifications of the space necessary to meet their clients' needs do not fit their budget at this time. No decision was made regarding WAC's presence in the building. More on this after Friday's meeting.

4. Planning for the Community Art Center Summit:
(1) Brainstorming to make sure we've invited everyone relevant. Feel free to spread the word!  
(2) Reviewing an agenda proposed by Jean deSmet and I (with input from Erbin Crowell of the Cooperative Fund of New England). The hope is to foster discussion & collaboration between organizations exploring the potential of sharing space, in whatever form works best for everyone involved. Erbin will be with us to lend support in this discussion.

Next WIndhamARTS meeting: Wednesday, March 3rd, 6 PM

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