Friday, February 26, 2010


Thanks to all who came out for this evening's Summit, it was great to see so many faces, and so much commitment to the vitality, diversity, and potential of our area. Very inspiring! I will work to get a comprehensive update about the meeting posted here by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, please click on "Comments" directly below this paragraph to post any thoughts, questions, requests, additions, etcetera. Also, put it on your calendar: We meet again, same place, different time: Wednesday, March 10th at 6 PM.

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  1. A thought we might all have in mind and heart while working together:

    "The function of art, before it disappears, is not to decorate or beautify life but to transform and organize it. The artist must change from one who represents exiting object into one who creates a world of new objects."
    (Louis Lozowick, 1925)