Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Latest and the Greatest

Hello all, here’s your latest WACtacular. Post your comments below:

  • A proposal has been sent to Victoria Nimirowski, director of WAIM for shared rental of the space currently occupied by WindhamARTS alone.
  • Victoria and I spoke about this proposal. She is very enthusiastic, is bringing the proposal to committee, and will hopefully have an answer very soon.
  • WindhamARTS, Swiftwater Artisans, the Coop-Hub, and individual artists have participated in the discussion. Other dynamic individuals and organizations involved in the arts and culture of our region are entering the mix.
  • We are proposing to begin this rental agreement April 1st.
  • If you’re interested in getting involved, in renting studio space or shared office space, email me – amy at – and I’ll give you the details.
  • Stay tuned for new life for the arts at 866 Main!


  • We’re waiting on news of a grant from CEDF
  • This funding would allow WAC to regroup with professional guidance, help the Board of Directors analyze their roles, goals, and functionality, rebuild the web site to best serve the arts & cultural community, and solicit and make a plan for how to move forward into a bright and vibrant future.
  • We should hear the (hopefully good) news any day now. Again, stay tuned – you’ll hear it here first folks!


  • People are asking about renewing membership. (All memberships were up for renewal in January, but no membership drive was undertaken at that time.)
  • Without staff and with the space question up in the air, it is difficult to guarantee the old membership benefits, hence the delay.
  • Membership fee/benefits structure is up for discussion and may change. One proposal is to raise the cost of membership, one is to eliminate it altogether. There are all kinds of possibilities in between and much to take into consideration about how best to serve the arts community. In any case, good things are happening and we want you to be a part of it.
  • In the meantime, consider offering a Vote of Confidence by making a donation to WindhamARTS. We’ll keep track of your donations, and, if/when dues are once again solicited, credit your contributions accordingly.
  • You can donate via Paypal (by pressing the donate button here) or send us a check made out to WindhamARTS Collaborative and mail it to: WindhamARTS Collaborative, P.O. Box 472, Willimantic, CT 06226. Either way, we welcome your comments!
  • On a personal note: Thank you to those who have already stepped forward with donations. I take these as a personal compliment, a vote of confidence and support for all the volunteer efforts and hopeful visions for the arts in our region that are being carried forward by me and other long-time supporters of WindhamARTS. If financial support isn't possible for you right now, your ideas, visions, hopes, and pats on the back of are also very welcome and appreciated.

Yours truly,

Amy K

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