Thursday, March 4, 2010

Board Meeting Report

The WindhamARTS Board of Directors met last night, Wednesday, March 3rd. Karl Norton, Kim Radda, Paula McNally, and Maureen Crowley were present, as was I, Amy Kalisher, at Kim Radda's request, reporting on what's happening with the 866 Main Street building and the exploration into collaborative rental. 

Discussion included:
  • Open positions on the Board of Directors, including that of Treasurer, plans to pursue filling these positions.
  • My offer to manage the building on behalf of WindhamARTS in exchange for studio space, if a rental agreement can be reached.
  • Kim will pursue legal advice for next steps toward potentially taking me up on this offer - making appropriate lease agreements, the proper way to go about hiring/appointing a Building Coordinator, and other questions about next steps as an organization in transition - for instance, how to go about creating a place for member representation on the Board.
  • The Board did officially okay me to represent them in discussions with WAIM and potential rental collaborators, and to include two of our three computers as part of the office-sharing offering. 
  • Agreement to work toward freeing Peter Polomski from the directorial responsibilities he continues to bear because no one has yet to take his place. (Mostly this has to do with bookkeeping. Since there is no staff now, this mainly consists of building management.)
  • Questions about the meaning, benefits, and responsibilities of membership at WindhamARTS and how to involve current, past, and possible-future members in the discussion - stay tuned for more on this soon.
  • Transitional planning - next steps toward securing an appropriate Peer Advisor for an eight-hour consultation (a $100 expense).
  • Evil schemes to take over the world.
Wait -- WHAT??? Not that last one.

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